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Pigeons and Odd Expressions

I think about the strangest things sometimes. But then maybe, there’s good in that. My mind may have an ability to venture into uncharted territory. I worry about far too much, but I can’t seem to stop, no matter what … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

     Sitting in the back row, purposely positioning himself so that he was mostly hidden from the sights of Mrs. Fisher, Edgar Rollins stared in disbelief at the long list of homework assignments that was handed out to the class. … Continue reading

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To Be Normal

     There were times when he swore time had stopped. Alone, in his room, surrounded by everything that made him who he knew he was somewhere deep inside, Lawrence’s eyes told the story of his life. In this solitude he … Continue reading

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Back to Basic

It’s hard to believe that it’s been well over ten years since I was in the Marine Corps. There’s so much that I will never forget, so much that I feel lucky to have been a part of – things … Continue reading

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Thinking About the Mind

I have always felt very strongly about the mind, and what it is capable of. I have thought about, studied, and tested several things that pertain to mental perception and making something happen that so many others feel could never … Continue reading

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Stallone 64??

It’s hard to believe. The guy who played in all those movies I loved growing up – Rambo, Rocky, Over the Top, etc. – is actually 64. How in the world? God, I loved Rocky, especially the 4th installment. The soundtrack, … Continue reading

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What it Takes

Jaspers stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around to see a marine dressed in instructors wear, cover and all. His uniform looked almost flawless, with creases in the correct places, combat ribbons, three medals, and an emblem representing him as a rifle expert. He even had a smile on his face, as if he was proud of his accomplishments. What did not belong was the blood that was traveling from the top of his neck and beginning to drip down onto the collar of his shirt.
In his hands he carried a pump action shotgun. It was also reddened by a slathering of someone’s blood, and leaking from the muzzle, probably from thrusting the end of the rifle into one of his victims.
He began searching for something in the various pockets on his uniform. “I cant seem to… here we go,” he said eerily, pulling out a handful of fresh shotgun shells.
The muddy man from the water dove further in and began rapidly swimming away as Paniagua popped up from underneath, gasping for air. After several strokes, the former recruit from the year 1973, submerged.
One after another, Sgt. Trent loaded each shell into alignment.
“Jasp! Go. Go now!” said Paniagua, pointing to the exit path on the other side of the swamp.
“I’m not leaving you here, man.”
First, it tugged at the tip of his boot. Then, Paniagua felt a hand wrap around his ankle, and pull. He started thrashing and struggling to stay above water.
Jaspers wanted to jump in to save his friend, but Sgt. Trent was walking toward him, now only twenty feet away. He lifted up his shotgun and positioned it perfectly on his shoulder, pointing it right at Jaspers’ head. And then he fired.
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