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There is so much I want to do in the world of writing, and I have only touched the surface. I believe emotion is the key to any story's success, even in horror. Without true emotion, you are left with emptiness, and few stories/movies can survive in this realm. "The world is a mystery. So is the mind. Together, and even in the midst of the darkest fog, incredible things are achievable"

Hope for the Future

I remember that clean, quiet room with no windows. The rug was puffy and soft and I loved to walk on it with no shoes or socks. It provided a small sense of warmth and comfort at a time when … Continue reading

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Regarding the Recent Shootings

What are we here for? It’s the question that we have contemplated since the beginning. We can fool around with different ideas or just go through the motions without ever considering the consequences of our decisions.  We influence those around … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead and Back

It’s scary how life goes by so quickly. Even though I still feel like I’m in my 20s, that’s just not the case. More than ever I feel like I have to use my time wisely, and really make careful … Continue reading

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Remembering Those We Love on Valentine’s Day

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we are forced to take a closer look at those that are important to us. We have the chance to take our partner to a new restaurant, bring a fresh bouquet of flowers to our … Continue reading

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The Passion To Keep Writing

It feels good to be writing again. I seem to be off and on, telling myself that I don’t have the time, or that my mood isn’t right. Several weeks can pass in the blink of an eye and before … Continue reading

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Just Beyond… the front door

I hate hearing about people dying, even celebrities that I’ve never met, or even cared about much. It feels like just a little while ago that so many of the aging faces we see in films today were young and … Continue reading

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No Regret

It’s been so hard to write lately. It’s like there is just too much going on in my mind. I’m less focused, but at the same time, doing more than I ever have in my life. I seem to thrive … Continue reading

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