The Passion To Keep Writing

It feels good to be writing again. I seem to be off and on, telling myself that I don’t have the time, or that my mood isn’t right. Several weeks can pass in the blink of an eye and before you know it, you’re 38. I need to try and find a way to write through those issues. This is my passion, after all, so why let it ride? I don’t have all the time in the world to write that great story that could open doors for me. No one has.

Few of us will ever find things to feel passionately about, let alone one. I’m lucky to have found that writing stories makes me feel like what I have to say can be meaningful, that the things that I feel are important and can be shared, and that someone out there just might think there’s something special about my work. I have to believe this, or what am I writing for?

I want to touch someone’s innermost emotions, and give them hope. I want to force someone to think in a different way, and lead them to something good. I know that there are ways to do that in a story, but what is a story without an audience? How can I write with the hope that I can move someone, when I am not yet a published author? I admit, it takes a lot sometimes, but then even having a few readers can make the difference for m and provide me with the inspiration that I need to keep writing, and keep sending out my stories.

It all comes down to other people. We all need support, we need to feel confident about what we are doing. I am grateful for having family and friends to read my stories and tell me what they really think about them. I am happy to have these people in my life, because without them, there would no be story.



About Nelson Baker

There is so much I want to do in the world of writing, and I have only touched the surface. I believe emotion is the key to any story's success, even in horror. Without true emotion, you are left with emptiness, and few stories/movies can survive in this realm. "The world is a mystery. So is the mind. Together, and even in the midst of the darkest fog, incredible things are achievable"
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