Just Beyond… the front door

I hate hearing about people dying, even celebrities that I’ve never met, or even cared about much. It feels like just a little while ago that so many of the aging faces we see in films today were young and lively. I look at old pictures of people in my life, and it’s shocking to see how people change so drastically, in what seems like just a few years. But in reality, many years have passed.

   Of course, it’s harder to see the people we love grow older, but knowing how fast we are all passing through our lives is really something we should think about once in a while. I believe that after we die, there is more to do, possibly much more. But, even though I have this feeling in my heart, I don’t KNOW. No one does. And it is scary to consider that all that I know could be over in the not-too-distant future.

   I feel that life is a continuous learning process. The more I learn about myself, about other people, the world, about goodness and darkness, the more I feel that we are here for a reason – one that is, I hope, worth all of which we go through.

   I think about these things a lot, maybe more than I should, because, I get a little scared from time to time. On the other hand, it has pushed me to try and do more with my life, and to never settle for less than I want.

   I guess the first step is being able to find something to want that badly. To care so much about something that you will sacrifice years out of your life, sweat, aggravation, and pain for it. I believe we all have the ability to want something in this way, with desire.

   This is what makes us feel alive, young, able. To want something like you did when you were 12, when everything was still so new, where there was an adventure around every corner. Do you feel like you’ve done it all? Have you gone through so much in your life that you can’t bring those feelings back? Bullshit. This is just what you have made your mind believe, and it is really as simple as that.

   Let me tell you – there still is an adventure around every corner. There still are many, many more new and interesting things to try, things YOU will find interesting too. Do you want simple, do you want fast and easy? Google. Put on some music, sit down at your computer, and Google all the things that you remember you’ve always loved to do. Think about the things you’ve always thought would be fun to learn about. Dare yourself to take a Yoga class, just because you considered once or twice that you would get something out of it. Take a walk at a nearby beach, just because you never have, but simply because you once thought listening to the waves on a warm day would be nice.

   Do you like a challenge? Did you happen to know about the new fad lately? You know, the 5k’s that have obstacles? In just a couple of years, it has grown into something pretty huge, I’d say. There’s Warrior Dash, the Spartan Race, and there’s even one with zombies chasing you, called Run for Your Lives. It’s a lot of madness, but the kind that might just be fun to try. And who cares if you’ve never run more than a mile before. Nobody said you have to sprint the 3.1 miles the whole way. The point is to get out there and do it.

   I don’t care how old you are, whether you’re 15, 40, or 70. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are or what you’ve been through. If you have physical limitations, well that’s no excuse either. Like I said before – Google. You will find tons of people who have continued to do what they love, without a leg or an arm. A man in his 70’s jumped out of an airplane because he’d always wanted to, and I know that this did something amazing for him, even at his age. I’m not trying to make anyone feel stressed out, or that you’re too lazy to get off your ass. I’m only trying to point out all of the things you may be missing out on.

   At 34, I can still say that I feel sort of like a kid. But it’s because of the way I think. I see so many people get to my age, and they already feel like things are so much different than when they were “young.” Don’t give up things because you’re not a teenager anymore. The older you get, you should feel even more of a desire to take things on. Before you know it, you may be wishing you had done more with your life. It could even make you depressed in your later years.

   I am no natural athlete. I am not that smart, at all. I am not immune to anything. But I know I have found something about the mind, about the way we think, that can remain the same throughout your life. I know how to believe, and when I envision what I want, as if it is here already, I know in my heart that it really can happen. And if it doesn’t, I know I can get pretty damn close. But you can’t sit back and rely on the magic of the mind to create it out of thin air. You just have to do it. Don’t plan on doing it, do it today, do it right now. Whether that is by going out the front door, walking through the city and down to the beach for a nice breath of fresh air for the first time in too long, or by giving something another go after a depressing failure, you have begun to believe. And I promise you, that’s all it takes.


About Nelson Baker

There is so much I want to do in the world of writing, and I have only touched the surface. I believe emotion is the key to any story's success, even in horror. Without true emotion, you are left with emptiness, and few stories/movies can survive in this realm. "The world is a mystery. So is the mind. Together, and even in the midst of the darkest fog, incredible things are achievable"
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1 Response to Just Beyond… the front door

  1. This is very good. Probably because you write about what’s in your heart truthfully, unashamedly, and you write what alot of us think. Well, at least I think this way. I believe that the only failure is in not going for “it”, whatever that “it” may be for you.

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